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Inhotim, Brazil’s Hidden Art Oasis

To see more photos and videos of the “Viewing Machine” and other artwork at Inhotim, browse the Instituto Inhotim location page.

In the hills of southeast Brazil hides Inhotim, a 3,000-acre contemporary-art complex founded by mining magnate Bernando Paz. About 1,000 employees, including curators, botanists and concrete pourers, work at Inhotim to preserve and display its more than 500 works by both foreign and Brazilian artists. Even Paz himself lives at Inhotim to be amidst the artwork that he loves.

Because of Inhotim’s sprawling scale, each artist is given a an unusual amount of space for their projects. One of the more popular pieces on the site is Danish artist Olafur Eliasson’s “Viewing Machine”—an oversized kaleidoscope visitors can point at anything in Inhotim’s botanical gardens, including the friends who came with them.

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